October 10th, 2011 by robotons | 0

We found three Robotons_008 laying on the ground. All three seemed to be turned off, and discarded. This Robotons does not appear to have the ability to move on it’s own. It looked like a Robotons “tool”. As if it is to be used in conjunction with another Robotons that we have yet to find. On one end is an eye socket that can be used as a handle. The other end is a claw. Both ends are connected by stretchable tubing. So, Robotons_008 can be used by other Robotons to be lowered into other areas to grab hold of something. The body is a communication screen. On both side of the screen are round bumps. We have yet to figure out what they are for.

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September 7th, 2011 by robotons | 0

We found Robotons_007 by Robotons_006. It was working by a mountain scooping dirt. It seems to have a suction cup base with a body that can swivel 360 degrees on the base. The arms are very peculiar. They have 3 joints and can bend in a “W” pattern. Robotons_007 also appears to have a standard communication screen. There were actually several Robotons_007 units working together in the same spot. Almost like a factory line.

We have spotted several other Robotons in this area and will have more reports as quickly as possible.

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September 5th, 2011 by robotons | 0

Robotons_006 was spotted last night. Of all the Robotons so far, This one seems to be the most straight forward. It functions as a light source. The top is an enormous “light bulb”. It moves via a gyroscopic transporter. The body is very interesting. It is made up of a highly reflective, moveable material. The reflection of the light off the body is incredible. And, the body is adjustable so it can reflect light in certain directions. Evidently, the other Robotons, require light to see much like humanoids.

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August 3rd, 2011 by robotons | 0

After some technical difficulties with our rover, we are back out and about. We have come across several new Robotons and should be uploading several reports in the next few days. Robotons_005 has the typical communication screen that we have seen with many other Robotons. It also has peculiar “screwdriver hands”. They appear to be in the shape of a flat head screwdriver. Perhaps this Robotons is a repair Robotons. The front of Robotons_005 looks to be a ventilation unit. We are not sure why this Robotons would be more likely to overheat than the others. Between the head and the body and the body and the base is stretchable tubing. Both areas look as if they can be used to stretch quite a distance. Perhaps Robotons_005 can be lowered into an area and then stretched out to reach out-of-the-way areas (which may explain the ventilation unit on the front). One last thing we noticed before leaving is that Robotons_005 base may also be a suction cup. Which makes us believe it can be used to pick up objects as well as repair them.

Humanoids have yet to be seen.

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June 23rd, 2011 by robotons | 0

Today we came across the most unusual Robotons yet. This is the first stationary Robotons we have found. Although stationary, the circular top can swivel and tilt due to a gyroscopic base. The top of the Robotons_004 appears to have a communications device built-in. There were four handles positioned vertically around the main part of the Robotons. Who or what needed the handles is unclear. In addition, there are four tubes positioned between the handles. Again, we have no idea what is travelling through the tubes. Is it liquid or electricity or something else? Another interesting part of Robotons_004 is that so far, we have found six of them scattered across a full square mile. We are pretty certain they are communicating with each other. More to come.

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June 19th, 2011 by robotons | 0

We have come across a very interesting Robotons today. Robotons_003 seems to be watching other Robotons. It hovers and lurks wherever Robotons are. What exactly he is doing, or why he was built is anyone’s guess. Even though Robotons_003 has been observed for several days, we are still uncertain of his actual purpose. All we have so far is what appears to be Robotons_003 spying on other Robotons. Why would one Robotons be spying on other Robotons? We are currently trying to find out.

We have given him the nickname, Spybot. On another note, after several weeks, we have yet to see any humanoids.

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June 15th, 2011 by robotons | 0

Here is another Robotons that we saw at about the same time as Robotons_001. There is one huge difference between 002 and 001. Robotons_002 needs to be dropped in place before it can work. We assume another, larger Robotons dropped 002 in place. But we never saw any evidence of that. 002 does the obvious. It drills straight down at a furious pace. The pincher hands can retract straight back into the body. We aren’t quite sure what the hands do once deep underground. Robotons_002 also has a communication screen much like Robotons_001. While 002 can’t freely roam like 001, 002 still has intelligence. Is it communicating with other Robotons or humanoids, while underground? Once again, we will update this post when we get more information.

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June 14th, 2011 by robotons | 0

Sorry for the delay, but we are quite stunned at what we have been witnessing here on planet Robotons (that is the name we have given this newly found planet.). This first Robotons is one of the most basic and simplest of all the Robotons we have seen. What does it do? We still are not sure. But it has 2 arms, a communication screen and a gyroscopic ball that is used for transportation. Is Robotons_001 communicating with other 001s? Or is it communicating with other Robotons or humanoids? We have yet to see a single humanoid. We will update this post when we have more information on Robotons_001.

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Testing, testing…

January 6th, 2011 by robotons | 0

We have crashed landed on a previously unknown planet. We are currently trying to repair the ship. We estimate it will take several months before we can leave. But right now, that is secondary. Since landing, we have come across dozens if not hundreds of robots. We have given them the nickname, Robotons. These Robotons are everywhere. And they seem to be thinking for themselves. We have yet to find any humanoids that are controlling them. We will track and take notes of every Robotons that we find and upload our information to this secure site. Please continue to monitor our situation. We will continue to look for who built the Robotons and what exactly their plans are.